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To Live List Episode 3 - The Weights that Make You Pay Attention with Amy Oberst

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

We live in a super busy world, and we often lack a moment to pay attention to what is happening to us and around us. One thing I know for sure is there comes a time when the weights make us pay attention. The weights can be physical or emotional.

In this episode, I have Amy Oberst joining me on the show. Amy was the first person to buy my book. And, goodness, how she interprets it is on another level! We unpack some of Amy's favorite passages in the book and as the author it’s fun for me to hear Amy's interpretation and exchange ideas with her.

"We weren’t designed to be alone and independent, we’re designed to come together in times of trouble need challenges.”

According to Amy, the book is an easy read filled with in-depth content. She describes the book as a "Deceptive, short read, that will make you re-read some parts to go deeply into its meaning." Amy shares some of her favorite passages and parts of the book that were meaningful to her.

We had an in-depth conversation about life and wellness. Exploring questions such as How often do you ask for help? I know sometimes we feel like asking for help is too much, and we pull out our self-independence cards and handle everything without help. We need to stop fooling ourselves and give ourselves the grace to ask for help. In our conversation, Amy urges us to remember that we are designed to help another.

Growing up, my grandmother always made sure we had a moment of calm after dinner. I never understood why she made us do that. Looking back, I see the essence. We live in an era where we have no time to be still. We do not take time to listen to our bodies or allow our spirits to surface. We must cave out of time to calm and tame our thoughts for our wellness and mindfulness.

Listen as Amy, and I dig into different sections of the book.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:37] How Amy and I know each other

[05:32] How Amy and I started working together

[09:41] What story do you tell yourself?

[15:16] Amy’s review of the book

[25:34] Don’t let you fool you; seek support

[33:13] Learning how to control your thoughts

[36:34] The essence of mindfulness in our thoughts

[38:53] The amazing woman Delia’s grandma was

Connect with Delia Grenville:

Please reach out if you have any thoughts or comments about this when you listen to it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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