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To Live List Episode 1 - Keeping My Word

If there is one thing I strive to do, it is to keep my word. I had a live interview with Kimberly Yvonne Steele at Greystone Publishing. Kim is the narrator of my book, Rants and Ramblings on Life and Wellness: A book of general wisdom on topics that make you think outside the box. The conversation was eye-opening, and I will share a recap in this episode

Kim did her homework on me and had a few questions, especially about my career. I am an engineer by training and have been in the industry for quite some time. That said, I am "multi-passionate", a compact label for having many interests, that I learned from Kim.

"I think a lot of times people are so focused on what they're doing, or what they're thinking that they're not really focused on. Everything that they need to be focused on in terms of taking care of themselves."

During the interview, we discussed the book Kim narrated and upcoming books that I am working on. The books include:

  • Life and Wellness (published): Kim sought to find out why I am interested in studying and finding out details on the body as a premise. My answer is simple. When your body doesn't feel at its best, you cannot achieve whatever you want.

  • Self-Parenting and Parenting: All of us have been parented in one way or another, and it has contributed to being who we are today. How can we be better parents to ourselves and others?

  • A Short Read on Grief: Many of us think grief is about losing someone. But we grieve when we lose some things, encounter disappointments, possibilities, and dreams of who we were or wouldn't be.

  • Random Life Lessons: This is a compilation of little interesting tidbits that are funny or poignant and will make people think outside the box as the subtitle goes.

Rants and Ramblings on Life and Wellness is the ideal companion text for journaling. It's meant as a start of a conversation and purposefully designed to leave space for you to reflect on your experiences.

Listen in to learn more about my upcoming books:

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:34] The Live interview with Kimberly

[04:33] Why I'm I interested in the body as a premise

[05:22] The upcoming parenting book I am working on

[07:15] Random Life Lessons Book

[08:18] How to read the Rants and Rambling since its density in terms of ideas

[10:05] Importance of conversations

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