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To Live List Episode 6 - Crisis is a Moment. Body is a Lifetime.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Join me while I explore post that went viral, look into the comments, and discuss them. It’s a fun way to get to know other ToLiveListers. Our post for today reads, ”We’ve all done it at least once. We chose to value a crisis over our bodies. Why does that happen so readily? Even when we know the habit and can see it coming from a mile away, when it’s right in front of us, we can still believe the crisis is more important than our body.”

Have you been in a crisis that drove you to neglect your body? Chances are you have. Many of us lose ourselves in a crisis. Sometimes things become complicated, and we forget we must care for ourselves.

Our bodies are more important than our crisis. Whether you choose the crisis over your body, or the other way around will impact how you get your work done, what you eat, or drink that day, whether you exercise, and how much you sleep.

"Your body is essential. You must take care of it. It is the only place you will live all your life. Do not let the pressure of a crisis make you neglect your body. "

Looking back at the Covid 19 pandemic, the crisis led many people to neglect their bodies. People stopped working out since we were all at home; some people retreated to eating all this, gaining a lot of weight. Sometimes the crisis makes you change in a lot of ways. Often, we miss that chance to see it that way, like being in the midst of a crisis. A certain amount of self-discipline in awareness or practice, experience, and wisdom come with a crisis. We must be present.

One of our ToLiveListers confessed that they’ve always chosen crisis over their bodies. She has always allowed herself to drown in the emotions of anger during a crisis, but they are now ready to reclaim their bodies.

How do you reclaim your body and know where you stand during a crisis? Here are three tips:

  • Knowing your body is essential, and it is here for a lifetime

  • Look at the crisis and remind yourself the crisis will fade. They generally do

  • Decide, given a choice, what experience do I want to have?

Listen in to learn.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[07:03] Crisis is a moment. The body is a lifetime.

[09:20] Tips on how to choose our bodies over a crisis

[13:08] You can take care of your body in a crisis

[18:35] How do we so self-care and support ourselves?

[24:59] Give yourself time and the grace to heal

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